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Review of the Kase Wolverine ROUND Filters Kit vs. four other brands!

His meticulous approach has enabled him to make even the most minimal color shifts visible and to name them numerically.

He has summarized the findings derived from this in descriptive image comparisons and presented the measured deviations in graphics.

It should already be mentioned here that our Kase Wolverine ROUND Filter Kit received excellent marks for color fidelity. When approaching the extension factor, the round filters even emerged as the overall winner.

Compared to the other test candidates, the round filter kit also stands out due to its patented magnetic holding system, which has already proven itself in principle with the polarizing filters of the K8 and K9 filter system. It is particularly strong in the round filters because all filters can be attached and removed safely and quickly.

You can find the complete filter test by Manfred Zobrist here: https://manfredzobrist.com/rundfilter-gefaellig.

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