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nd8 8 plus cpl combined nd filter
Kase ROUND Magnetic ND8+CPL Combined Filter
Our combined ND8 plus CPL polarizing filter combines the best of both worlds. The ND8 plus CPL has 3 Stops. The combination filter allows other magnetic ND filters to be mounted on it. This makes the filter ideal for combining with our...
From €149.90 *
Stativ Schutz
Kase Tripod Leg Covers
Our Kase tripod cover for the tripod legs is ideally suited to protect the tripod from the effects of water and dirt. Especially on watercourses, at the lake, on the beach or at the sea, one would like to use the tripod as close to or in...
€29.90 *
Kase Laowa 17mm Adapter Ring
Kase 86mm Adapter Ring for Laowa 17mm for K9...
The 86mm adapter ring was especially designed to use the Lowa 17mm lens with our K9 100mm filter system. The adapter ring can also be used on other lenses with a lens diameter of 86mm. The adapter ring contains the rotation mechanism...
€24.90 *
kase 100mm rotation cpl
Kase K100 Slide In CPL Polarizing Filter with...
The special thing about our rotatable plug-in polarizing filter is its mechanism, which allows the polarizing filter to be rotated independently of the polarizing filter. In which cases is this needed? Particularly wide-angled lenses...
€159.90 *
kase round star burst filter
Kase Round Magnetic Star Burst Effect Filter
This effect filter makes the stars shine. Product video:
From €99.90 *
nikon 14-24mm magnetic ND Filter Set
Magnetic Round Filter Set especially for Nikon...
Magnetic 112mm CPL Magnetic 112mm ND1000 Magnetic 112mm Soft GND 0.9 Magnetic Adapter Ring Filter bag Magnetic Lens Cap
€663.39 *
Kase K150P Universal Filter Holder
Kase K150P Universal Filter Holder
The K150P universal filter holder has been specially designed for use with 150mm square filters. The main focus of the filter holder is to support different lenses using suitable adapter rings (to be purchased separately). Like the K9...
€79.90 *
kase rundfilter soft gnd 1.2
Wolverine Magnetic Soft GND 1.2
Our ROUND GND filters are made of special optical KW glass and provided with a special coating that makes the filter scratch-resistant and water- and oil-repellent. This Kase ROUND Soft GND 1.2 has a soft course edge and following...
From €188.81 *
kase k9 adapter ring für olympus 7-14mm
Kase Filter Holder Adapter for K9 Filter Holder...
This adapter ring has been specially designed to allow the Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 lens to be used with our K9 filter holder with matching 100mm rectangular filters. It eliminates the need to switch to the 150mm filter system and fits...
€69.90 *
magnetic dream effect filter
Kase Magnetic Dream Effect Filter
The Kase Dream Effect Filter creates this effect: Dreamy effect Softening the image Beauty the image As a magnetic round filter it is very easy to install and has the same characteristics as our other magnetic round filters.
From €79.90 *
Kase Clip In Filter Set
Kase Clip In Filter for Nikon Z6 Z7 - 3in1 Set 2
The Clip In Filters can be mounted quickly and are made of high-quality optical B270 glass. The frame or filter holder is made of aluminium. Due to the low weight of only 3.3 grams per filter, the Clip In Filters are easy to transport....
€249.90 *
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