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KaseFilters Wolverine K100 Master Kit with K9 Filter holder

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Kase Filter product benefits at a glance

  • Unique Colour Control
  • Professional High-Definition-Glas
  • High Break-Resistant Glass
  • High Break-Resistant Glass

Größe ND-Filter:

  • 4260442044390
The KaseFilters Wolverine Master Kit is the top set of K100 (100x100 or 100x150mm) box filter...more
Product information "KaseFilters Wolverine K100 Master Kit with K9 Filter holder"

The KaseFilters Wolverine Master Kit is the top set of K100 (100x100 or 100x150mm) box filter world of Kase. Our K100 Master Kit consists of our innovative K9 filter holder with a magnetic 90mm Polarizer (circular), each with 2 adapter and step-down rings and a 100x150mm Soft GND 0.9, a 100x150mm Soft GND 1.2, a 100x150mm Reverse GND 0.9, a Wolverine ND64 filter (neutral density filter) and a Wolverine ND1000 filter (neutral density filter).

With our traditional 2mm K100 Kits we let the photographer choose between a 100x100mm and a 100x150mm sized ND filter. 

This set consists of:

  • 1x K9 filter holder
  • 2x adapter rings (77mm-90mm and 82-90mm) for magnetic polarization filter
  • 2x step-down rings (67mm-82mm and 72mm-82mm)
  • 1x 90mm magnetic Slimline CPL (Polarizer)
  • 1x Wolverine K100 (100x150mm) soft GND 0.9 (3 stops) graduated filter
  • 1x Wolverine K100 (100x150mm) Soft GND 1.2 (4 stops) Verlaufsfilter
  • 1x Wolverine K100 (100x150mm) Reverse GND 0.9 (3 stops)
  • 1x Wolverine K100 (100x100mm or 100x150mm depending on your choice) ND 64 (6 stops) ND filter
  • 1x Wolverine K100 (100x100mm or 100x150mm depending on your choice) ND 1000 (10 stops) ND filter
  • 1x K100 filter bag.

KaseFilters Wolverine - The new standard in filter technology

Virtually Indestructible * 
Made of hardened optical glass B270 that Kase Wolverine filters keep some drops from a height of up to 1.20 m standing. A special coating makes the filter of the Wolverine series extremely scratch-resistant.

Professional high-definition glass 
Although our used is very robust, it impresses with its optical clarity.

Unique color control 
In Kase Wolverine ND filter no problems arise with color fringing and the colors are very natural, without any color cast, are listed.

Nano coatings 
All Kase Wolverine filters are nanotech coatings provided to control the reflections that repel oil and water and are mildew resistant. This coating can be cleaned very easily streaks when they are wetted with water, seawater or raindrops.

Our filters have been developed to provide landscape photographers everything they need in use, the ease of use towards the peace of mind that should there still fall a filter.

* The cured glass was subjected to load and drop test from a height 1.2 m to various surfaces, the supernatant it without breakage. But we would like to emphasize that it is in our filters to products made of glass and they are not designed for deliberate and regular falls. Our Wolverine products are designed to withstand accidental dropping. After frequent falls, the durability of the Kase Wolverine filter reduced. 

Filter System: K100
Filter dimensions: 100x100mm ND Filter, 100x100mm | 100x150mm
Material: Hardened optical glass, Oil- and water repellent coating, optical glass
Accessories: 67-82mm adapter ring, 72-77mm adapter ring, 77-86mm adapter ring for magnetic CPL, 82-86mm adapter ring for magnetic CPL, 86mm magnetic CPL, Soft filter bag
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