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Magnetic Astro Filter

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Kase ROUND Magnetic Neutral Night Astro Filter
Kase ROUND Magnetic Neutral Night Astro Filter
The Kase Light Pollution Filter (Neutral Night 7 Astro filter) is a light pollution filter, which is used to reduce your influence of artificial light at night shots. As with all Kase filtering the Wolverine series to expect a high-quality Pro-glass filter which is shutterproof and easy to clean. This filter is a disc filter. Product information Kase Neutral Night Astro...
From €149.90 *
fokussierhilfe nachtfotografie
ROUND Magnetisches Precision Focus Tool Astro Fokussierhilfe
Das Kase ROUND Precision Focus Tool dient hauptsächlich als Hilfe für das Fokussieren heller Objekte bei Nacht. Bitte entnehmen Sie die Funktionsweise den Artikelbildern. Größen: 77mm sowie 82mm
From €59.90 *
kase night focus tool
ROUND Circular Precision Focus Tool
The Kase ROUND Precision Focus tool 77m is used primarily as a tool for focusing bright objects at night. Please refer to the desciption on the product images for futher details. Sizes: 77mm and 82mm
From €59.00 *