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magnetic round cpl 67mm
Kase ROUND Magnetic CPL Polarizing Filter
Our magnetic round filters are made of the same hardened glass as our Wolverine rectangular filters and therefore have the same, excellent imaging performance, extremely low color shift and high impact resistance. Polarizing filters are often used in photography to minimize light reflections or to increase the intensity of natural blue and green tones and also to increase...
From €79.00 *
kase magnetic mcuv uv filter 150mm
Kase K150P ND Filter
Die K150P magnetischen ND Filter sowie der dazu passende magnetische CPL und MCUV UF Filter wurden für den dazugehörigen K150P Filterhalter entwickelt. Die Filter haben einen Durchmesser von 150mm und sind aus Alumiminium sowie optischem Glas gefertigt. Da die Filter ebenfalls magnetisch sind, können diese schnell am magnetischen K150P Filterhalter montiert werden. Bitte...
From €169.90 *
magnetic cpl 90mm k9 filter holder
Kase ROUND Magnetic Polarizer CPL 90mm for K9 Filter Holder
The magnetic polarizing filter from Kase with its 90mm diameter fits perfectly into the K9 filter holder. Thus it fits in both versions of the filter holder, be it the light version of the K9 filter holder or the normal version of the K9 as kit.
€79.90 *