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Clip in Filter Sets Sony Full Frame

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sony clip in filter set 4in1
Clip In Filter for Sony Full Frame - 4in1 Set 1
The 4-in-1 UV and ND clip-in filter set for Sony Alpha Full Frame cameras from Kase contains three popular filters with neutral density and a UV protection filter. The ND filters offer 3, 6 and 10 reduction stops, which allows more precise control of the aperture and shutter speed to achieve the desired depth of field or motion blur. The UV filter serves as protection for...
€319.60 *
kase clip in filter 5in1 set sony alpha
Clip In Filter for Sony Alpha - 5in1 Set 1
Kase's 5-in-1 Clip In Filter Set for Sony Alpha Cameras contains five popular filters. Many wide angle lenses and super telephoto lenses cannot attach conventional filters to the front filter rings. These clip-in filters solve this challenge by being mounted in the camera housing in front of the image sensor. Installation is quick and easy, and filter removal is made easy...
€399.50 *