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Kase K150P Universal Filter Holder
Kase K150P Universal Filter Holder
The K150P universal filter holder has been specially designed for use with 150mm square filters. The main focus of the filter holder is to support different lenses using suitable adapter rings (to be purchased separately). Like the K9 filter holder (100mm system), the K150P filter holder can carry a magnetic pole filter and two additional ND filters in the associated slots....
€79.90 *
K150P Tamron 15-30mm Adapter Ring
Kase K150P Adapter Ring for Tamron 15-30mm
The K150P adapter ring is used to use the Tamron 15-30mm lens with the K150P universal filter holder. The adapter ring enables the K150P filter holder to carry a magnetic 150mm polarizing filter. Scope of delivery: 1x K150P adapter ring for Tamron 15-30mm F2.8
€159.90 *

KASE filter holders: the special features and advantages

Filters in photography are still as popular today as they have always been, despite the many possibilities of digital post-processing. The small useful helpers support you in capturing unique and special images with just a few hand movements and at the same time reduce the effort of subsequent post-processing or even make it completely superfluous. The popular and extremely practical screw-in and magnetic filters may not always be able to be used, because they may not fit on every one of your lenses. Sometimes the lens hood also prevents the use of a screw-in filter. An adapter could quickly remedy this. It is much easier to change to a rectangular filter system including filter holder. This allows you to combine different filters like CPL, ND and graduated filters very easily. If you were to choose one of our kits, a practical bag for storing your filters and filter holders would be included.

The last method described can be combined in many ways, is unbeatably flexible and universally applicable, but requires a filter holder. Our holders can hold two to three rectangular filters as well as a round filter, and fit a wide variety of lenses thanks to the different sizes (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 170mm) and adapter rings. Particularly practical is the fact that the holders are equipped with several filter slots, which make it possible to photograph with several rectangular filters at the same time, for example with a grey filter, GND filter together with a polarising filter.

The K9 filter holder including 4 adapter rings - also suitable for products of other manufacturers

So that you can use the K9 filter holder directly with your choice of lenses, some aluminium adapter rings are already included in the scope of delivery. This allows you to connect the following lens diameters to the Kase filter holder: 67, 72, 77 and 82 millimetres. In addition to the rectangular filters we offer, you can also insert 100-millimetre filters from other manufacturers into the holder.

Easier photography with graduated filters

Thanks to digital technology, it hardly matters any more how many photos are taken on the road. Arrive on location, take the camera out of your backpack, quickly press the shutter button and you have a few photos of the landscape or the motif. Often, it's precisely these photos, where the thought of a composition hasn't really taken care of itself, that end up in the wastepaper basket later on.

Generally speaking, when using filters that require a certain amount of time for the composition, a certain deceleration can be felt. You are almost forced to get involved with the environment. The motto is: take your time, think and look before you pull the trigger!

Another big advantage is that when you use an ND graduated filter, you get an almost finished image directly on the camera monitor. With continuous shooting without a filter, the actual result can only be seen on the computer. If you have the shot immediately in front of you, it is often easier to work on the composition. In photographic terms, this means working on the composition and refining it more and more, changing the camera position and repositioning it. Because changing the perspective is only possible directly on location.

With which cameras are Tamron lenses compatible?

With Tamron, a manufacturer that only produces lenses and not its own cameras, compatibility with most camera manufacturers is guaranteed. In detail, you only have to consider what kind of thread is needed for your camera. Since Tamron's lenses contain precise information about compatibility, simply select them specifically. Further information can be found on the packaging of your camera as well as directly on the Tamron website.

Do you own a Canon or Nikon camera? Do you then have to pay attention to anything in particular when buying GND/ ND filters?

No, because graduated grey filters and grey filters are completely independent of the camera brand and can therefore be used with any camera.

Are there any differences between graduated filters and grey filters?

As the names suggest, both are a specific type of graduated filter. Graduated grey filters go from dark to transparent. However, filters are also made that go from one colour to transparent. In the 80s, for example, the tobacco graduated filter from Cokin was very popular. Nowadays, however, coloured graduated filters are hardly ever used, as this effect can be recreated on the computer with little effort.