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step up adapterring
ROUND Screw In Step Up Adapter Ring
In order to be able to adapt our K100 filter system or the K6, K8 and K9 filter holder as well as the ARMOUR Filter Holder to lenses with smaller diameters, we have developed our Step Up Adapter Rings made of light and high-strength aluminum. Several rings can be screwed onto one another until the desired target diameter is reached. The Screw In Step Up Adapter Rings fit to...
From €12.90 *
K100 Base Adapter Ring for K9 Filter Holder
This adapter ring enables lenses with a diameter of 95mm to be used on the K9 filter holder. Please note that the K9 filter holder has a native dimension of 90mm. Vignetting may therefore be expected. Wide-angle lenses with a 95mm lens diameter in particular should therefore use a larger filter holder (e.g. the K150P filter holder). Scope of delivery: 1x K9 filter holder...
€39.90 *
K100 Adapter for Sony 14mm F1.8 for K9 Filter Holder with K150P Polarizer
These adapters are designed to use a K150P polarizer with the K9 filter holder. This solution is suitable e.g. for the Sony 14mm F1.8 lens on the K9 filter holder. This makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of a rotating polarizing filter on this lens. Scope of delivery: 1x adapter (set)
€129.90 *