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Special features and advantages of the KASE filter holders

Filters are as popular today as they have always been. These useful helpers help you to capture unique images in just a few steps, thereby reducing the effort for subsequent post-processing or making it completely unnecessary. However, our popular screw-in and magnetic filters cannot always be used because they may not fit on every lens. With some lenses, the lens shade also prevents the use of a screw-in filter. An adapter can help here, but it is often much easier to change to a filter system with filter holder. In this way, different filters such as CPL, ND and graduated filters can be combined. If you decide on one of our kits, a bag for storing your filters and filter holders is also included.

The described possibility is combinable, unbeatably flexible and universally applicable, but requires a filter holder. It can hold our rectangular filters as well as a round filter, and fits through the different sizes (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 170mm) and adapter rings on different lenses. Especially practical are our holders with several filter slots, which make it possible to take pictures with several rectangular filters at the same time, for example a grey filter or grey gradient filter together with a polarizing filter.

Accessories for your filter holders

The holders we offer are universal and compatible with different camera systems as well as with most lenses. Some of the variants are delivered without a suitable lens mount. In this case an additional adapter would be necessary, or you can buy one of our kits including adapter rings. The big advantage of this variant is that the different adapter rings allow you to connect the filter holder to a wide variety of systems in a few easy steps. This is especially suitable for photographers with a wide range of cameras and lenses.

For which camera is the 100mm filter holder suitable?

The 100mm system is the most widespread filter holder system on the market with the largest range of different filters. It can be attached to almost all lenses with front thread by means of an adapter ring and is suitable for focal lengths up to 16mm for full format cameras or 10mm for APS-C cameras. 100mm filter holders are therefore perfectly suitable for 16-35mm or 10-24mm lenses and all lenses with a longer focal length. The Kase K9 100mm filter holder, for example, has a holder for a round magnetic polarizing filter and two slots for your ND filters, GND filters or UV filters.

Due to the comparatively small size, these holders are easy and comfortable to handle. In addition, this holder takes up little storage space in the backpack and is easy to transport due to its low weight. As long as no super wide angle lens without front thread is used (for example Nikon 14-24 mm f/2.8 or Tamron 15-30 mm f/2.8), the 100mm filter system is always the system of choice. When photographing with the latter lenses, however, you should invest in a 150mm or 170mm system right away, which can also be adapted to smaller lenses using adapter rings. Photographers with the new Micro Four Thirds cameras in their luggage can also use our smaller and more compact 75mm filter system.

Does it make sense to always leave the polarizing filter in the filter holder?

We recommend that you only leave the polarizing filter on the lens if it is really useful.

For landscape photography or a tour through a city, the filter can usually always be left on. Because in both situations, reflections often occur, which can be compensated with a polarizing filter. It would make little sense to remove the filter from the camera again and again.

Most of the time, a polarizing filter does not have any big, negative effects, if you simply leave it in the filter holder. But similar problems can occur as with a UV filter. The polarizing filter swallows a little light and can have a negative effect on the pictures in certain situations when you don't really need it.