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kase 75mm filter tasche
Kase K75 Filter Soft Bag
The matching bag for the K75mm filter system is ideal for storing the holder and several ND filters plus accessories. The bag is made of a durable material and has a velcro fastener for quick opening and closing. The bag is supplied with...
€37.90 *
Filter Bag for Square Filters 150-170mm
Filter Bag for Square Filters 150-170mm
Soft bag for Kase K150 and K170 system. The filter bag can store up to 10 filter (150x150mm / 150x170mm or 170x170mm / 170x190mm). The bag comes with a shoulder strap and has a flap with velcro, with which they can be attached to the...
€59.90 *
kase filter bag
Filter Bag for rectangular Filters 100x100mm...
Soft bag for the Kase K100 system. The filter bag offers space for up to 10 filters or for 5-7 filters (100x100mm or 100x150mm) as well as a compartment for the Slim CPL and the filter holder including adapter rings. The bag comes with a...
€48.00 *
hard bag 100x150mm filter
Hard Bag with Magnetic Closure for 5 Filters...
The bag is suitable for transporting a filter. The bag has a magnetic closure and is available in 2 versions. The special thing about the bag is the high rigidity compared to a soft bag. Variant A: 2.0mm glass thickness Variant B: 1.1mm...
€25.90 *
kase round filter bag
ROUND Filter Bag for Magnetic Round Filters
The bag for round filters is ideal for storing magnetic round filters or screw-in round filters. The bag is made of robust material to protect your equipment during transport.
From €19.90 *