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Official website and shop of Kase Europe

Kase produces and distributes high quality camera filters and filter holders that are appreciated by professional and amateur photographers around the world

We are the official agency for Kase filters and filter holder systems in the German speaking countries.

Discover our GND filters (gray graduated filters), ND filters (neutral density filters), UV filters and polarizing filters made of high quality optical glass. We offer these in many different shapes and strengths. On the one hand as rectangular filter, round filter or also as magnetic round filter, in order to have the suitable filter for all situations at hand. In addition, we provide you with practical filter kits to directly purchase a selection of filters. The optical glass we use for our filters is made of high quality, environmentally friendly material, nano-coated on both sides, water-repellent and easy to clean. Our IR neutral filters have a high color fidelity and scratch resistance, especially compared to the usual plastic filters.

Our filter holders are easy to use and extremely robust. Our filter holders are available for filters from 75 mm up to 170 mm.

We also offer suitable filters for your drone or handheld camera. For the DJI OSMO Pocket as well as for the DJI Mavic 2 PRO, various ND filter kits made of optical glass are available.

Overview of all Kase round filters

  • UV filter: Protect your lens. UV filters are optical filters that are screwed in front of the lens and serve to reduce ultraviolet light. The UV filter also protects your lens from damage.
  • CPL Filter / Polarizing Filter: Reduces reflections on reflecting surfaces. The polarizing filter can also be used to make the sky appear bluer and the leaf green more saturated. This is a very useful effect especially in landscape photography.
  • ND Filter / Gray Filter: To extend the shutter speed or alternatively to change the aperture individually, even in bright conditions.
  • Kase ROUND Neutral Night filter: Ideally suited for night photography, reduces artificial light (light pollution) for night shots
  • ND64 6 Stops: Extends the exposure times by a factor of 6, making it possible, for example, to capture the movement of clouds or draw water as smooth as silk.
  • Kase ND1000 10 Stops: Extends the exposure times by a factor of 10 and thus makes it possible to capture the movements of clouds or make water silky smooth.
  • Kase round filter kits: In addition to the possibility of single purchase, Kase offers various kits of the most common screw filters. You can save over 30% compared to single purchase of the filters.

Overview of all Kase rectangular filters

  • GND filter / gray graduated filter: We offer graduated filters in many different sizes (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 170mm). In addition, you can choose from different gradients "Hard GND", "Soft GND" and "Reverse GND" filters to achieve the optimum result.
  • ND Filter / Gray Filter: For extending the shutter speed or alternatively for individually changing the aperture value, even in bright conditions. The grey filters are also available from us in various neutral densities and sizes from 75 mm to 170 mm.
  • CPL Filter / Polarizing Filter: Polarizing filters are used to reduce reflections. The polarizing filter can also be used to increase contrast in photography. For this purpose, the polarizing filter is simply screwed, plugged or magnetically attached to the camera lens.

Kase filter holder and adapter rings

The Kase filter holders are available for a variety of lenses. Holders are also available for lenses with curved front element. The Kase K9 filter holder, for example, can hold a magnetic round filter as well as a rectangular filter. All holder systems are precision CNC-milled from aluminium and anodized in matt black to minimize light reflections. In addition, we offer a wide range of adapters to enable you to use our filters on as many lenses as possible. The adapter rings are also CNC-milled from aluminium and anodized matt black.

The Kase Filter Sets

With the Kase Filter Kits we offer you a practical combination of our products to start directly with photography using our filters. For example, with the Kase Wolverine Series Entry-Level Kit we offer you the perfect entry level kit into the K100 (100x150mm) rectangular filter world of Kase. The kit consists of our proven K100 holder with a magnetic 90mm polarizing filter (circular), 2 adapter and step-down rings each, as well as a SLIM Wolverine 100x150mm gray graduated filter and a SLIM Wolverine 100x150mm ND filter. But also for experienced photographers we offer for example the "Kase Wolverine Soft K100 Master Kit 100x100mm ND with K9 filter holder". The Kase Wolverine Master Set is the top set of the K100 (100x100 or 100x150mm) rectangular filter world by Kase. The kit consists of our proven K100 filter holder, a 90mm magnetic polarizing filter (circular), 2 adapter and 2 step-down rings, three 100x150mm gray graduated filters and two Wolverine ND filters.